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Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are becoming increasingly popular and I can see why. A Destination Wedding is where the couple chooses to get married away from their home and in another country. Some of the top destination picks are the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico just to name a few.

At Truly Me Weddings we focus on the Caribbean countries specializing in Jamaica and the Bahamas. So do you think you would want to be a Destination Bride?

There are many benefits to be had:

  1. Caribbean Culture – there is much to enjoy on the islands where the culture is rich. From nightlife, the sand, sea and sun, the scumptuous food and fiendly people!
  2. Stress – Free and relxed – less cluter, hustle and bustle
  3. Marriage requirements are a breeze and you can pretty much get marries anywhere in the Caribbean
  4. You Save a whole lot on decor due to the natural beauty of the island. Imagine the ocean as your backdrop!
  5. You get a great excuse to limit your guest list
  6. Truly Me Weddings offer flexible wedding planning services for you to enjoy your engagement!
  7. Guests can save on a vacation and celebrate with you. A great two in one! They will thank you later!
  8. You also benefit from a two in one. Wedding and Honeymoon! Isn’t that awesome.
  9. Great deals to be had from All-inclusive sites. Ask me about one today!
  10. Saves Money! With all the things you save on such as decor, less guest list. You get to save towards what really matters. After you say I do you have a Marriage and a Home to build!

I think I’ve given enough reasons. So no more “what ifs” Let’s do this!

Much Love!!


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